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girls having some little rests of poo on their ass
Mon, Jul 23 2018 16:38
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Tue, Jul 24 2018 16:40
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Spotted this gallery with some dried samples lower down..


Wed, Aug 1 2018 1:27
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Not sure if this has been brought up on this thread...


Ever wonder if most of these "rests of poo" are placed there by the production team/photographer? With out a doubt I'd imagine some have to be real, but having so many, if a business who's protocall is usually cleanliness; to a certain degree ;)


I mean it's as if 99.9% of these girls, most especailly on the atk sites, never fully wash there ass. Girls, usually, if there not doing scat/piss type work are very self-conscious about clean their ass, again espescially if they are going to be spreading the cheeks in front of a camera. But who knows, most atk girls are young, and still in the "dirty butt" and have not matured into cleaning their asses very well.


I'm still calling bullshit on these productions. Unless it's brazillian/german/japanese scat companies. Thoughts?

Wed, Aug 1 2018 10:49
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Still amusing, though.

Thu, Aug 2 2018 18:35
North America
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Wed, Aug 8 2018 7:13
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I didn't find this erotic until a latina fuckbuddy (picture jynx maze) allowed me to deeply tongue fuck her ass.

As my tongue eagerly probed her sphincter and I felt and tasted only what I can only describe as a sour but tasty grit.

At first I was shocked and disgusted, but as she started to fuck my tongue back, was so turned on I wanted as much of her sour grit as I could get.  Balanced perfectly with her sweet creamy pussy.

Now I want to taste sour grit everytime I fuck.  I encourage all my girls to have a nice release before we begin to play.

Here are some good ATK girls:

carline ray:


Thu, Aug 16 2018 16:50
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